Unemployment Solution


Operating at peak proficiency, PeopleSystems' Unemployment Cost Control service has been custom-designed with the clients' needs in mind. Our goals are to protect your company against unwarranted charges and to achieve the lowest tax rate possible, with the following ten components: Unemployment Solutions, Consultation Helpline, Comprehensive Tax Analysis, Tax Recovery Services, State Hearing Representation, SIDES Integrated Claims Processing, IT State Benefit Audits, Education & Training, Executive Management Reports and Special Non Profit Services (501-c-3).

Unemployment Solutions

Unemployment Costs impact your bottom line as a payroll expense that many employers have the impression that they can do absolutely nothing to reduce this cost.

Our Unemployment Solutions help employers do exactly that: typically reducing unemployment costs by up to 25 -- 30%, a direct improvement to your bottom line.

Consultation Helpline

Answers our customer's questions with a service that offers both online and telephone helpline access is unrivaled in our industry. Our combined communications approach allows our customers to be comfortable to pick up the phone and ask challenging questions for support and guidance, or seek our expertise by offering telephone consultations prior to our online tools.

By offering telephone consultations prior to issuing a warning or termination, PeopleSystems offers the needed support and consultation for employers to reduce potential liabilities, while building a productive workforce. This service is also unparalleled

Comprehensive State Tax Analysis

Ever feel like your unemployment tax rate is something you can't control? We have your back. PeopleSystems has built the most comprehensive tax analysis program that systematically compares your activity, the state's records and shows you the path for tax reduction.

Tax Recovery Services

Our Tax Recovery Services analyzes your state accounts, works with each state to receive credits and updated rate information to ensure that you are being charged correctly. Employers benefit from our Tax Recovery Services with confidence that their state tax rates and costs are audited, tracked and accurately reflect the lowest rates possible.

State Hearing Representation

Unemployment claims may be protested and a hearing requested. Our UI Experts help in the preparation, expectation and documentation for all administrative hearings. But we take it one step further than our competitors - we walk you through the entire process. We could even attend the hearing with you (in person or on the phone) to support presenting your case. Employers need a UI Expert to help manage, document and adhere to hearing protocols - our help could start today!

SIDES Integrated Claims Processing

Claims Administration and Management is made easy through our SIDES State Integration Solutions. Our online technology syncs with each SIDES compatible State to administer, record and document all claims.

With the implementation of SIDES at the State Level, employer's responsibilities & timelines for claims administration and processing just became a penalty and administration nightmare to process on your own. Let PeopleSystems online solutions take over your administrative nightmare and build a seamless approach to your claims management, state compliance and overall tax solutions.

IT State Benefit Audits

Employers in every state are being overcharged anywhere from 30% for benefits paid to former employees. This directly impacts your tax rate and unemployment cost. Unemployment Tax Rates are one of the most complex segments of state tax law. PeopleSystems has built the most advanced, efficient auditing solution to protect our customers from overcharged benefits. Our UI expertise delivers fast, effective auditing of claims to insure error are protested and dollars credited.

Education & Training

PeopleSystems conducts on-site/on-line management training seminars annually that provide management teams the tools to revitalize the skills and capabilities of their people, while protecting the company's interests. Some of the topics that are discussed include:
· Introduction to the unemployment compensation system
· Effective hiring procedures
· Developing a method for documenting separations
· Controlling absenteeism
· Five elements of misconduct

Executive Management Reports

The PeopleSystems Reporting solutions provides your Executive Management Team both summary and detailed reporting on Unemployment Activity, Benefit Data and Claim information. Our reporting tools allow you to receive both high level summary analysis and detailed information to help your team see your progress and cost savings.

Special Non-Profit Services - 501(c)(3)

PeopleSystems works closely with First Nonprofit Companies, an industry leader in providing effective unemployment cost control by adding their bond protection options with our specific Non-profit unemployment cost control solutions.

The Special Service Program is a comprehensive solution to your unemployment insurance obligation. The Program assures a fixed annual cost while allowing you to save thousands of dollars when compared to the taxable method. It takes the guesswork and risk out of reimbursing the State for these claims while allowing you to enjoy your statutory reimbursing option. Interested in learning more about this alternative Unemployment funding method? Contact us today.