Human Resources

Get the most from your most valuable assets -- your people. Whether you are looking for our full suite of solutions, or an individual HR service, PeopleSystems has what you need.

HR Compliance Helpline

We all need a sanity check at times to make sure our decisions are the right ones! Wouldn't it be wonderful, if you could just pick up the phone and get instant HR guidance? Now you can with PeopleSystems HR Helpline. With tens of thousands of Helpline Clients, we provide our Helpline Solutions - via phone, web, email and/or chats. Every communication path is available for you to gain the support you need with expert HR guidance.

Job Descriptions

Effectively communicated job descriptions improve the hiring and employee performance evaluation processes. Both of these functions can be largely ineffective and costly, if not done systematically. It is why PeopleSystems has designed an innovative Job Descriptions Tool that provides both step-by-step functionality as well as review by PeopleSystems for guidance and recommendations.

I-9 Compliance

PeopleSystems bring technology to the I-9 process through an innovative Partner. With I-9 audits and fines on the rise, delivering a secure I-9 solution for employers is an essential layer of our HR solutions. Our web-based interactive system allows employers to efficiently complete and store I-9 forms for their employees utilizing electronic signatures, and ensuring compliance with federal laws.

Employment Verification

Employment Verification requires accuracy, speed and data security. PeopleSystems has partnered with a leading employment verification provider to offer employers yet another solution to heighten productivity.

Our advanced verification service allows Employers to verify hiring information quickly, and securely. Additionally, our tools are a benefit to your employees to receive quick decisions from lenders and other organizations---- providing a safe means to access their employment verification information with 24x7 access.

Unemployment Solutions

Unemployment Costs impact your bottom line as a payroll expense that many employers have the impression that they can do absolutely nothing to reduce this cost.

Our Unemployment Solutions help employers do exactly that: typically reducing unemployment costs by up to 25 -- 30%, a direct improvement to your bottom line.

Employer Compliance Assessment

As your business grows, your HR challenges multiply. With PeopleSystems, you don't have to go it alone. Our experienced service team will perform our Employer Compliance Assessment to ensure your company stays in compliance with state and federal regulations. After our Assessment, our team will work with you each step to ensure you are on the right path, have the right programs and procedures in place, and have expert Human Resources support from our team.

Employee Handbooks

Wondering if your Employee Handbook is in compliance, or if anyone is reading it? Creating and maintaining an up-to-date and engaging handbook is a challenging process. PeopleSystems takes the complexity away with our Handbook Tool to simplify and remove the stress of building and revising your documents. As a by-product of a Compliance Assessment, PeopleSystems is easily able to design an effective, inexpensive new Employee Handbook that helps build morale while insuring compliance with the myriad of regulatory red tape, and easy to read, plain English.

Workers' Compensation

Think you have no control when it comes to Workers Comp? Think Again! PeopleSystems has designed a Workers' Comp Control Solution to help our clients gain control over this expense.

Our comprehensive solution incorporates a consultative approach to provide you with guidance to take control of your Workers Comp Process.  Our program will recommend strategies on how to reduce your Workers Comp Cost through our 3-Year Loss Runs Analysis, Claim Consultation & Review Process, Incident Reporting and Safety Group Recommendations. The methods complement one another to promote a synergistic effort that targets your rates, premiums, activity, claim dollar amounts and other factors that lead to soaring business expenses.

Pre-Employment Test Solutions

There is nothing more critical for developing cost-effective, new-hire procedures as well as reducing turnover than an effective Pre-Employment Testing Program. PeopleSystems offers numerous Testing Systems designed for evaluating candidates in terms of Honesty, Work Ethic and Basic Skills. In addition, comprehensive programs are also available for Sales, Management and Executives. Please call the PeopleSystems Helpline or contact us by completing the on-line form included in this website, so that our professional staff can assess your needs and recommend the appropriate Testing Solutions. Remember: People are your Greatest Asset, so make sure you're hiring the Best!

Affordable Care Act Compliance (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created numerous regulations for all employers. PeopleSystems Compliance Helpline Service is designed to assist Human Resource Professionals in not only understanding these complex regulations, but also helping to assure compliance. The penalties are onerous, and the requirements for data analysis can be very confusing and time-consuming. Although most employers may have most of the data stored within their Payroll and/or HRIS Systems, knowledge of the specifics of these mandates is severely needed before trying to complete your analysis and file the required IRS reports. PeopleSystems is here to help explain what you need to do in order to assure compliance.